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The New Zealand Canoe Federation is the national sports organisation for canoe sport in New Zealand. We are an umbrella organisation for the paddling discipines of canoe slalom, canoe polo, canoe sprint, canoe marathon, ocean racing, dragon boating, freestyle kayaking, and recreational paddling.

The Federation is dedicated to the development, success, and promotion of New Zealand canoe sports and their environments and has the following objects:

Promote and encourage canoeing

Act as the prime representative of New Zealand Canoeing

Support the preservation of the natural canoeable waters of New Zealand

Affiliate and liaise with all relevant organisations, including the New Zealand Olympic Committee, SPARC, the Oceania Canoe Association, and the International Canoe Federation

Encourage the development of existing and prospective Member Associations

Coordinate national funding applications


The New Zealand Canoeing Federation is a member of the New Zealand Olympic Committee, the Oceania Canoe Association, and the International Canoe Federation.

New canoeing disciplines are encouraged to affiliate to the New Zealand Canoe Federation and should contact the Secretary General for further information.



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